Visas » VISA TYPE ”D”


A long-stay visa with a validity term of up to six months and a right to stay up to 180 days is issued to foreigners who wish to settle for a long term or permanently in the Republic of Bulgaria (under article 15, paragraph 1 of the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act).
The long-stay visa entitles the holder to multiple entries in and exits from the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria within its validity term

When applying for the issue of a long-stay visa the applicant shall present the following documents:

- visa application forms - 2 (two) copies
- a regular foreign travel document;
- copies of the pages of the foreign travel document with the personal information and the visas laid and/or copies of the permits for stay possessed – 2 (two) copies;
- 2 (two) recent passport-size color photographs;
- Original documents and two copies thereof substantiating the application for a long-stay visa under the Foreigners of the Republic of Bulgaria Act and the Regulation on its implementation and of the financial resources possessed for subsistence and accommodation;
- an insurance policy and a copy thereof issued by an insurance company licensed to operate on the territory of the European Union with a minimum amount of the cover EUR 30 000 covering all repatriation and emergency medical care and hospital treatment costs for the period of stay.