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Completing the sale

When we find you a buyer for your property, we will negotiate on all aspects of the sale, including price, timescale, terms of payment, handover of the property, etc. Usually we require a 10% deposit of the agreed price to be paid by the buyer upon signing a preliminary contract. This is because the buyer will be sure that the property will be taken off the market and on other hand, the seller has a guarantee that the buyer will not pull out of the deal. 

We will assist you in obtaining up-to-date documents for the sale of your property. In most cases, the documents which have to be obtained prior the sale are tax estimated price and plan of the property (known as skitsa), which are to be issued from the local Municipality; document for debts and proves for paid utility bills (electricity, water, telephone, internet, gas, etc.). In some occasions, you might need to obtain other documents for ownership for which we will advise you additionally. If required, we could issue all these on your behalf (requires a power of attorney). 

Once all documents are obtained, you are ready for the transferring of the ownership, which by law it has to be done before a notary public in the respective area, where the property is located. Unless agreed otherwise, the Buyer pays all notary fees. The money from the sale of your property will be paid to you upon transferring the ownership before a notary public. If you are not able to present upon transferring the property, you could authorize us, a relative of yours or a lawyer to do that on your behalf and in that case the money from the sale will be paid directly to your bank account. 

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