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Viewing trips and choosing a property
Once you have specified the budget and prioritized the characteristics of the desired property it would better to contact the agent and ask for a viewing of properties corresponding to your search.
Organizing a viewing is usually one of the easiest steps in the purchase process.

Often before sale sellers do minor "cosmetic" repairs, to increase the price of the property they are selling. It is good to know that "cosmetic" improvements can hide important defects of the dwelling. There is another type of sellers who have committed major repairs and overall improvement of the property they are selling. The properties that are refurbished may be either too expensive or the conducted renovation is not exactly what you like. Refurbished or new built properties are sometimes marketed at very reasonable prices (below their value), simply because their owners are in most cases forced to look for a quick sale to cover a mortgage and/or other financial obligations. We at IBG Real Estate recommend to check for the absence of debts on the property at least twice - once before the signing of the preliminary contract and a second time just before the transfer of the ownership. We can perform such checks directly from our office. 

There is another type of sellers who have not made any improvements to their property (and in some cases the property is not even cleaned - filled with luggage and other belongings). During the inspection of such properties it is good to know that you should disregard all the chaos and make note of any improvements you would make, because this will increase your costs but on the other hand will allow you to customize your future home and make it in a way that will be comfortable for you. If you have no experience in repairs and renovations of a property, we at IBG Real Estate can offer you professional help in choosing the construction team, according to the type of repair and the location of your property and we guarantee quality renovation and met deadlines. 

To be as efficient as possible, we recommend that you contact us with your list of preferences and budget, you have defined at least a week before the viewing trip, so that we can have time to select and offer you the best possible offers for properties matching your requirements and budget.

It might be helpful to take notes on all the homes you visit. You will see a lot of properties! It can be hard to remember everything about them, so you might want to take pictures or video to help you remember each home.

When a property catches your eye, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Bear in mind that asking the right questions now may save you quite a lot of money in the future.